Hello and Welcome!

My name is Dr. Rowena Briones Winkler, and I am an innately curious human being who wanted to create this space on the interwebs toย share my creations, interests, and professional work. I am delighted you decided to poke around my site, and I look forward to sharing my journey with you.

3.2In Solidarity,

P.S. I am open to guest lectures, expert interviews, and other speaking engagements in the areas of inbound marketing, the performing arts, and/or personal health and wellness. I am also open to freelance writing opportunities in these areas as well. Feel free to reach out using the icons at the bottom of this page, or take a look at what I’ve accomplished in the relevant sections above. Thanks!

Rowena Winkler as the Witch is possibly the most impressive female in the show. She has the comedy and emotion down for this multifaceted character. Winkler carries herself and the character as though they had just stepped out of the pages of your favorite fairytale.

Spencer Nelson, Theatre Bloom

I truly appreciate having Dr. Briones Winkler as a mentor guiding me through my final semesters. She is fully engaged on campus and in the community, supporting not just myself but all of her students. Dr. Briones Winkler is the most influential professor I have encountered in my college career and I will forever be grateful for her help and guidance.

Katharine Pyle, VCU PR Student