Hello and Welcome!

My name is Dr. Rowena Briones Winkler, and I am a fired-up communicator/feminist/activist/teacher/scholar/performer/engaged citizen who aims to educate-and-activate individuals, organizations, key influencers, and communities on how we can use communication, public relations, creativity, and digital technologies to promote change via social justice and to help make our world a better and more inclusive place to live in. I am so stoked to share my journey with you, and look forward to the open conversations and strategic collaborations we can have together.

In Solidarity,
Dr. Briones Winkler (AKA Dr. B-Dubs)

I believe Dr. Briones Winkler is a model professor for the 21st Century research university. By this I mean that she brings an interdisciplinary, community-based, and learning-focused approach to her faculty work that is desperately needed within the 21st Century academic culture. Dr. Briones Winkler is passionate about finding solutions to real-world problems and has the skills to enlist the expertise of her students as well as of community members to work as collaborators in solving these problems through community-engaged research.

Dr. Lynn Pelco, Associate Vice Provost for Community Engagement, VCU

I truly appreciate having Dr. Briones Winkler as a mentor guiding me through my final semesters. She is fully engaged on campus and in the community, supporting not just myself but all of her students. She encourages me to go above and beyond and helps me to realize my potential. Dr. Briones Winkler is the most influential professor I have encountered in my college career and I will forever be grateful for her help and guidance along the way.

Katharine Pyle, VCU PR Student