Who is Dr. B-Dubs?

Briones Picture

Here’s the academic version:

Dr. Rowena Briones Winkler obtained her doctoral degree in 2013 from the Department of Communication at the University of Maryland with emphases in public relations and health communication. Her research agenda explores how social media and technology impact these areas in terms of campaign development and relationship building, particularly in the areas of sexual health, crisis communication, and risk communication. More recently, Dr. Briones Winkler has been conducting research on the use of social media and technology for digital activism, social justice, and student engagement purposes. In addition to exploring how both nonprofits and PR educators can use social media to reach their goals and audiences, Dr. Briones Winkler has also worked with community partners to develop strategies for using social media in bystander interventions and sexual assault/domestic violence victim outreach, particularly on college campuses.

Here’s a more fun Instagram version (with emojis!):


Here’s an even more fun personal version:


Rowena lives in Maryland with her husband Derek and their three cats: Dex, Teyla, and Eponine. Her hobbies include ballroom dancing (she actually met Derek through Ballroom at Maryland, UMD’s ballroom dancing club), singing karaoke, pub trivia, and eating delicious foods at home and in restaurants around the world.